Awesomely wondrous human creatures…

I am perhaps a bit sad and hurting right now. I am admittedly struggling with social things that I still am yet to understand. People are sadly complicated, and yet they are so awesomely wondrous. There, honestly have been times I have wanted to retreat back into my shell. Yet how can I when people are the source of so much delight to me. I love people. People are the best “things” in the world. I just cannot understand people hating each other or failing to see so much that is wonderful and beautiful in each and every human creature I have ever been fortunate enough to make acquaintance of. People tell me I love too hard, that I am too intense in my expressions of love. Yet all I see in myself is SO much gratitude and joy in wanting to appreciate and rejoice in people. Yet, I do find it difficult. I often don’t understand how people perceive me, and don’t understand how to decipher their responses. People are often contradictory – something I find daunting. I don’t do contradictions well. I am pretty much just me. All I want more than anything else in the world is just to be able to openly, and without fear, express my enjoyment at loving those who I love.


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