Christmas magic

Christmas is a magical time of year. Miracles happen at Christmastime. But sometimes we let our expectations ruin the magic, without even seeing that it is there. Magic does not always mean that we get what we want. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything goes the way we want it to. Life does not stop for Christmas. Disappointments, hardships, worries, strife are not scheduled on the calendar. We cannot hope for them to take a vacation and allow us a season filled only with joy. But even more than is true for any time of year, joy is there to be found at Christmastime.

Miracles are all around us. Each moment of our lives is full of so many of them. The sound of rustling leaves. The stars in a night sky. Puffy white clouds on a deep blue background. But Christmas brings more of those – even among the commercialism we can find twinkling lights on a Christmas tree. The sounds of carols. The laughter of children. Giving and sharing with each other. Spending time with ones we love. There are so many opportunities to find miracles in the Christmas season – but just as any other time of year we find them if only we look for and appreciate the ones we have, instead of lamenting ones we might feel missing.


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