Nobody is “just a”

This world suffers too much from putting people in buckets. It’s not bad enough dealing with religion, race, sex, disabilities, but there are so many more categorizations that people get lumped in. At various times in my life I’ve been told I’m “just a” so many times – whether it is just an employee, just a programmer, just an amateur, just a “wanna-be”, just a… (there have been so many more). But I (nor anyone else) am not “just a” anything. I am Jean. I am a human being, a person, loving, caring, full of incredibly good qualities I would love nothing more than to joyously share with people who don’t think I’m a “just a”. And I accord the same respect to everyone else. Nobody is a “just a”. Everyone is a someone – a someone special and unique and deserving of respect and love.


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