I have joined Branden James’s ‪#‎NeedYourLove‬ campaign. As one of the tasks of this campaign, you are supposed to tell a story of someone who needs love. Well, what better place to begin than with yourself.

I need love.

I grew up in a household very devoid of love – but yet having been gifted with a very loving heart. To be honest, my parents scoffed at my words of love and made me feel not only unloved, but as if they did not want to be loved by me. I never understood if it was because I was autistic, or if I was deficient in other ways I just did not understand. In any case, I so honestly have spent my entire life looking for people willing to share my love – and so honestly have found few recipients. I have thrown so much love out into the air – not to have it return. But just as so many other things in life – love is best when shared.

I have been told I was pushy, needy, demanding, intense – and I will perhaps lay claim to all of those things. But at heart – all I ever have wanted is people I can love and who I can feel enjoy being loved by me. If that be pushy, demanding, needy, whatever – then I claim that. But sharing of love is the most perfect, precious, wonderful thing, and fundamentally, what I claim most is appreciating that.



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