If all else fails, love more

Let all you do be done with love. We have heard of so many acts of hatred lately. And we all wish that we might find an end to acts like these. But the only end to hate is love. Most of us will hopefully never run across those people capable of such acts. But what we each do have in our lives are hurting people, sad people, people different than us. Sometimes – perhaps often – people may do things that irritate us, upset us, or even anger us. We may wish they would not do these things. We may want to change them, fix them, or wish they wouldn’t bother us. But are those feelings, are those wishes, born of love? In any situation involving two or more people, our goal should always be to share love. But if we cannot or will not share love at the least we should not share hurt. Any situation that causes negative feelings is best resolved by positive feelings. Hence my new favorite saying – “If all else fails, love more”. Getting mad or annoyed with other people does not help either of you. If you just push them away, you may think that helped you – it certainly did not help them – but did it even really help you? I have watched relationships of my own and of friends end over simple misunderstandings – causing one or both years of sadness and hurt. How sad is that? Sometimes break-ups are inevitable, but often they are not. Often the kindest thing – not only to others, but to ourselves is to approach any situation looking for a loving solution that will find happiness for everyone, instead of tears or hurt for any or all. If each of us approached life this way, if we raised our children thusly, the world would be happier and better for everyone. “If all else fails, love more”.


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