I cannot hope to understand, I think, why people build walls, when I have spent so much effort on taking mine down – however flimsy they may ever have been.  I want no walls around me. I want to share my love for the world openly and freely, without hesitation or reserve. But – my own walls notwithstanding, I have spent so much of my life confined by walls that separate me from those I love.

Perhaps it is that I value love so highly, perhaps seeing pure love in the heart of another is a treasure I am drawn to and cannot imagine anything but to cherish. Perhaps that makes me strong that I want nothing more than to open myself up to reflect that love and magnify it. Perhaps…

I only know that when there is someone I love and there is a wall – and I am on one side of that wall, and they on the other, that wall is something I dread. It causes me so much sadness and heartache. A wall, that separates me from something so golden, so revered, so holy as love.


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