The place lined with love

There was a post I saw this morning asking “If you could give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?” I have seen similar questions asked before. And I have always read the answers. It saddens me how many of the answers are bitter and negative, and full of advice of how to protect oneself from a hard world full of people out to get you. And I have lived in that same world for almost sixty-one years now. And I have met those same people by the thousands. And I would say, that pretty much without exception the people I have met have not been out to get me. Many have been hurting. Some of those may have appeared selfish. Some are out to get what they can for themselves. But I would wager, that just like you and me – each of those people were really just trying to find their own place in this world. That place where they can feel they belong, and where they can find their own brand of peace, happiness and comfort. The problem is that many people just don’t know where that place is, nor how to go about finding it. And I cannot claim to have found my place yet either, but I have found a truth that I will take there with me. The place for me – and I imagine for each of us – is not lined with bitterness, selfishness, or walls of hurt. It is lined only with love. And if I do not search for that place bringing an abundance of love with me, then the place I belong can never be found.


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