Just for fun – a little story about clouds…

Marie was sitting in the garden, in the shade of a tree.  It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, and she was sipping lemonade, and enjoying the slight breezes, listening to them whisper sweet nothings through the trees. She looked up at the bright blue sky, and marveled at the intensity of the blueness, thinking it would be a perfect day if only there were some beautiful white clouds to lay their purity against the richness of the blue.  God heard Marie, and agreed with her, so he summoned his angels, and told them to paint some clouds on His sky, just for Marie’s enjoyment.

The angels wheeled out their paint buckets, and each took brush in hand. While they were all God’s angels, each had their own personality, so certainly each had their own ideas of an ideal cloud to paint across His sky.  The youngest angel lifted a heavy brush. Hardly able to reach it to the sky he painted wisps of white, barely touching the blue. Another angel, newly from a life of drama painted long swarths of white across the entire sky.  A timid angel painted powder puffs of white dabbing each near the other, clumping together like cotton balls lying against the intense blue backing.

Marie looked up upon the sky, newly adorned with God’s drapery of clouds, and she smiled. How nice it was of God to answer her wishes. She laid down on the grass, and staring up at God’s sky was filled with awe at His wonder. IMG_8021


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