Unconditional love

Unconditional love is, as the dictionary definition of the word unconditional would imply, love without any conditions, love that is complete, love that is unqualified, love that is categorical. That does not, however, imply that it is not sometimes hard, not without hurt, not without difficulty. It just persists and is fully there, fully loving, regardless.

True altruism, or the ability to love entirely selflessly, may be a fruitless goal for mortals in some respects – as every act of love, every thought of love is certainly tied to the feelings it evokes within us. But feelings aside, altruism is living that love fully without thought of physical reward, knowing within those acts of love that they are done for love only, wishing benefit for the one who is loved.

Where these are the ideals of love, the world is often less ideal. We see memes that advise that you should not waste your affections on those who do not show they care – endless memes on unrequited love, on unanswered friendships. Quotes such as “We ignore the ones who adore us, adore the ones who ignore us, love the ones who hurt us, hurt the ones who love us”. Those are the realities of the human existence.

Yet love is what drives the world. That ability to sturdy our hearts and focus on love is what will ultimately save us. To set the course of unwavering love regardless of the stormy seas of human emotions that may batter us, and try to make us harden. Keeping love in our hearts through all of what life throws at us is the rudder that focuses our souls, and allows us to continue to find joy and gratitude in our lives – even when the way is not easy, and though a range of other emotions may find their way into our being.

Ultimately the love in our hearts must be what allows us resilience against the troubles of the world. Love must be the cushion around our heart, the insulation against the sometimes cold and harsh realities of the world, the blanket that gives us warmth. When we nurture the love in our own hearts, the only love we can truly affect, we nurture our own ability to continue to shine our light through whatever life may bring.


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