Growth is a funny roller-coastery, spongy sort of thing

Growth is a funny roller-coastery, spongy sort of thing. It has its ups and its downs, and twists you around, and sometimes you’re not quite certain if you’re going right-side-up or upside-down, but as long as you’re moving, you’re going somewhere – which is usually better than standing still. When the ride pauses, and you are in that spongy sort of state, it is then that you do too much thinking and wondering and postulating as to whether you should stay on the ride, or get off. And your brain, with all the whirling and twirling, hasn’t quite caught up to have a full understanding of exactly where you are.

But one thing is certain, that if you get off the ride in the middle, you’ll come down from the top with a hard ka-thunk, and even if you’re not all squished-up and brokeny, you will have lost all of that progress that you made. So best to stay on and ride it out. Even with the tummy-aches, and disorientation, at the end of the ride, you will have gotten somewhere. And after your stomach settles, and you have a chance to get your wits back about you – then you will realize that the ride was all good.

And somewhere along that path your memories of all that change will become pleasant ones, and even with the whirling and the twirling, you will remember instead the experiences and feelings that were actually pleasant and good – and you will have those to take with you along with the growth. And you will understand then how much better off you are than you would be if you had gotten out of line, and never been brave enough to take the step onto that train of change.


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