Assurance and growth

The more we are assured of our own being, the more we are comfortable with who we are at our core, the higher quality are our actions. Confident people do not bully, are not mean, do not hurt others. Truly confident people exude kindness, love, generosity and caring. Love is our inherent nature. It is hidden only by the fears of the world, by those feelings of insecurity, of smallness, of lack of true stature. True stature is not hallmarked by ego, it is hallmarked by humility – by a calm, certain, presence.

People who are truly strong have no need to hurt others, have no need for comparisons, envy, jealousy, hatred, greed – these are the byproducts of insecurity. The assets of a confident personality reflect those more true to our inherent nature of loving. The undertakings of a loving being are more acutely manifested by a personality secure in itself.

This is not to say that there are not fears, questions, worries or concerns, it is only to say that the understanding exists in the mind, of those qualities within us that are most valued and striven for. A strong person does not strive to hate, hatred is abhorrent to the concepts of true strength. A strong person aspires to love, aspires not to judge but to be in acceptance of weakness, instead favoring and celebrating the strengths of others. A strong person does not tear another down, but rather uses their own strength to strengthen another.

As we strive to learn and grow, we need to remember those traits that are important to us, and yet to remember to be loving and understanding to ourselves in our growth, as much as to others. The task of realizing one’s own weaknesses, and working to improve upon them while not judging ourselves poorly for those weaknesses is perhaps paramount to our ability to grow, and possibly one of the most difficult tasks within that growth. We need instead to offer ourselves our own favor, and use our strengths on ourselves with just as much loving support as we would for another.


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