But yet, I would do it again

I read that “I don’t regret the things I did wrong, I regret the good things I did for the wrong people”, and you “should not cross oceans for people who would not jump puddles for you”, but I disagree. The things we do that are born of love, are done in love.  If our act was an act of love then it was never “wrong”.  My whole life, I’ve always given to people, and continued to give to them, even beyond when it was obvious that they would never reciprocate, or sometimes even care. I don’t know what that says about me – but yet, I would do it again.

I have in fact crossed the ocean (literally) for a manager who told me that the project we were working on was “make or break” for his career. And it did make his career, he achieved the career goal he told me he hoped for shortly after the project was over, yet I have not heard from him since. But, if I were to be in the position to decide to do the whole thing over again, I would do just as much for him, try just as hard, put just as much of myself into it. Was I taken advantage of? Many have said so… but yet, I would do it again.

I can look back and see so much I have done for so so many people who no longer exist in my life, who never said thank you, who I was never sure even cared.  The thank you would have been cherished, the knowledge that the things that I did mattered would have touched me to the core. The lack of that knowledge left only a hole, but yet, I would do it again.

Is it foolish to say I would do it again, or perhaps instead even the thought not to would be wrong? Again, the things we do that are born of love, are done in love. The hope for appreciation or response may be real, but only secondary. So I take umbrage to the thought that we should not cross oceans for those we love – whether or not they may splash muddy water in our face upon slogging through the puddle we hoped they might jump. In the name of love, yes, I would do it again.


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