Unconditional love

All of my life, I have wanted to be a teacher of unconditional love. Unconditional love, altruism, has been something I have pursued since I was a small child. Interestingly, someone just told me (unsolicited) that they believe that is my purpose on this planet, to help shine the light of unconditional love, and to foster that same love in others. So, for years, having felt that was my purpose, I tried to teach others, explain to them, educate them, draw charts (not literally)… give lessons – on a subject that I was not yet qualified to teach.
In order to teach, one must first learn. I realized that recently. Not that anyone will perhaps be entirely qualified to teach about unconditional love. True altruism, I imagine, is a rare commodity. But although I do believe I have a loving heart, I clearly was not capable of giving that lesson when I was a complete bundle of fear and self-doubt. Unconditional love cannot be taught by anyone who is not ready to teach by example. Am I now? I do not know, but I realize now that is my goal… That to teach unconditional love, I must be unconditionally loving. 


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