Well-being in the midst of difficulty

One of the favorite sayings of one my favorite people is that we should live in the now. But the now quite honestly isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be! Mindfulness sometimes finds the moment yielding pain and difficulty… and mandates that we find some way to find our well-being in the midst of situations that on their surface seem anything but “well”. This is sometimes a reality of even the best life.

So in those moments when “well” is not the obvious circumstance, we must find wellness within ourselves. We must recall those things that give us that wellness – the love within our hearts, those things in our lives we enjoy, those people who bring light to our eyes. Every moment cannot hold the presence of those things and people we love, but every moment holds the potential to hold those things and people close to our hearts.

When life is presenting us with challenges, it is all of what has shaped us into the people we are that we must turn to. We must slow our thoughts, breathe, and just be all of what allows us to be happy. Love, memories, joy, they are always within us to draw upon, and tapping into those is what can make even the toughest of moments much closer to what we can consider our state of wellness.


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