Maybe I’m only as good as Jean, but…

At 61, as I looked at my accomplishments in life, and wondered of my potential to accomplish more, I could only look back on my childhood. Remembering as a child, doing something I thought was really awesome – only to have my mother tell me “Oh, that’s nothing, look at Mary”, and the next time “but look at Jane”… But it is only finally now that I have realized that her comparisons were always to the best of the best that she had to compare me with. But as a result of those comparisons, I always felt I never could be “good enough” at anything. I never believed that anything I did was worth doing – because I was not as good as Mary or Jane… Even now, as I have gotten brave enough to DO some of what I enjoy doing, to share those things with others, I still have those thoughts – but look at… How much better than me. But finally I have realized that if only the Marys and Janes of the world ever did anything, the world would miss out on so much. There is a place for Jean too… So if I am not as good as Mary or Jane at any particular thing, I still need to contribute as only I can, in that raw, not quite perfect, but totally heartfelt way that is me… And whatever that contribution may amount to, it is still better than never having made it! And that is most certainly true of each of us. We should never let not being “as good as” someone else keep us from doing whatever it is that we uniquely can do.


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