Loving soul to soul

“I only fall in love with Souls. I never fall in love with people. People change. They come and go. But a Soul remains forever. I suppose that is why when I love, it is a deep love. An unconditional love. A forever love”. ~Annie Sloan.

I did not write that, but I could have. It so reflects the essence of my heart. And the timing is funny, as timing often is, in that I have been pondering lately on the confluence of a number of bits of wisdom and thought that some of the best and wisest people in my existence have shared with me. I love when thoughts come together, especially when they are divergent thoughts from different sources dear to me.

I have always had a heart such as the one described in that wonderful quote. I love deeply and dearly and forever. But that heart has oft been broken by those who did not want my love. The pain of loving another, and watching that love go to waste has been one of the biggest hurts of my life. I would say “my young life” – yet in human years, I am not young. But in many ways I am.

My heart is as the heart of a child. It loves with abandon. It does not care for time or place or position or any other consideration – it just loves. And there was a time that I thought to temper that, but I have realized that I would not wish to. Given the love of souls, I have no knowledge of what that soul’s path might be. Unknowingly, I may be sharing love with one who at one time wished for mine, or be too early for another life where my love will be cherished.

Or perhaps even within this earthly existence, my love has just come too soon. Perhaps the one I adored was not ready to be so adored, or I was not ready to do the adoring – despite that my heart would not wait. I refuse to believe that love given in purity is ever amiss, but perhaps could be untimely.

My heart was once broken by such loves unwanted, and still I struggle with wishing to share that love. A love held is precious, but a love shared is a treasure beyond all other. But with the thought of my love being soul to soul, I take comfort in the thought that someday the soul I love and mine will unite in a friendship beyond time and space, and I may share that love forever.


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