The limitations we impose upon ourselves

“the wise know their limitations; the foolish do not…” ~ Benjamin Hoff.

I suppose I must then be foolish. How am I to determine what is a limitation, and what is only a hurdle that I can in fact conquer with the appropriate determination and effort? So many things in the world would not have been done, if the doers had seen the hurdles that faced them as insurmountable barriers.

I may labour a day or a week or a month, or a year, or a decade or almost a lifetime. But what if I give up, when in fact if I had continued that little bit longer, I could have achieved that goal. I think one must have a different measure than the wiseness or foolishness of a fish trying to whistle when determining whether to continue in pursuit of a goal.

My thought is that if you have a goal you believe in, if that goal is noble and honorable, hurts nobody, and instead wishes only benefit, then you continue working toward that goal – as long as it takes. Perhaps you must realize that the achievement of the goal may not be imminent, and that you may only be making slow progress – and sometimes feel as if you make no progress at all. But I think, even if you have to table the hope for immediacy, you can never table the dream. Giving up benefits nobody.

As you work toward a dream – even a dream you may never achieve, you accomplish other goals. You reach other benchmarks. Even as the fish attempting to climb trees, may instead strengthen his fins, and be able to swim faster and further and stronger. But, sometimes, great things are achieved that seem on their face impossible. Greatness must be won by persistence and belief.

Perhaps we have only the limitations we impose upon ourselves.


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