The closer to love

The closer to love

I have always believed that people are inherently good, and that the root of that goodness is love. People – all beings – are love. Love is the glue that binds the universe together. Everything good IS love, though it is often not recognized as such. Think about each thing that you enjoy – why do you enjoy it? You enjoy it because it invokes feelings of love within you. Joy itself is the incarnation of love. Joy, gratitude, play, happiness – each is a manifestation of the love that is within us.

Those people most dear to me are those in whom I see that love the most strongly, which makes me laugh, because I realize now that often they don’t see it in themselves. But inherent in that truth is both the potential and the problem. I firmly believe – even more now that I have been through much of that process myself – that those people in this world who are the most hurting, hurt because of their inability to find that love within themselves. Not that it isn’t there – but that they KNOW with certainty that it is – and yet cannot seem to reach into themselves and pull it out. Just think of any transformation in any person you have known. As they heal, do you not see the love in them emerging?

I am fortunate, in that in my struggle to pull that love out of myself, my frustrations primarily only led to tears. But many take those frustrations out in ways that are far more hurtful, to not only themselves but those around them. The nature of those actions would tend to camouflage the battle that gives rise to them. Who could imagine that hateful actions are born of a frustrated search for love? But think about it… I firmly believe in that truth.

This tells us – in my mind – with certainty, that the ONE thing we should be teaching our children, teaching each other, sharing with the world, giving each other, supporting, learning, sharing, emphasizing, doing, striving toward – is love and love only. Love IS the only cure that will solve the ills of this world. Love will keep people out of prisons, love will end addictions, love will resolve wars, love will end arguments, love will cure illness, love will bring smiles to faces that have known only tears.

When we teach people to love – themselves, each other, the world – to love love itself. Then only will the world cure itself. We can argue which medications are safe, whether this drug is more beneficial than that. We can argue religion, we can argue political strategies, we can argue about our opinions on just about anything. But there is NO argument in that each of us, not only wants, but needs love in that fundamental place in our being – around which we must build any other success we achieve. Everything good is rooted in love.


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