Love is our only opportunity

While we can do nothing to bring back those people who we lost yesterday – and in other recent acts – we can honor them, as I have seen many people doing, by responding in loving. We must realize, with each act of hatred, that it is incumbent upon us to make love a priority. No longer can we afford to just take loving each other for granted, to make love of any sort a hush-hush, no-no, we don’t talk about that here. Love and loving each other needs to be a front-line, priority, order of magnitude more important than any other topic. Love is the only answer that will make a difference. Love is the only solution that will fix the hearts of those whose hearts are broken, fill the hearts of those whose hearts are not whole. We must actively and purposefully love each other, all of each other. Every one of each other. And we must share that love openly and loudly – such that anyone in doubt cannot help but realize that love is real and true, and the one thing that will give us an opportunity to be united and work toward a collective betterment.


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