I think we should all gush more…

As silly as it sounds, all of my life I have had a wish to be celebrated. Not out of ego, I don’t think, but just to feel the love. Having never had a party, and with few memories of being invited to one, being in that loving circumstance of celebrating someone seems so incredible to me. But the truth is that we should not need parties to celebrate each other. People tell me I gush over others, and perhaps by societal “standards” I do, but who is to say that my gushing is a bad thing. Maybe we need to gush over each other a bit more… Maybe a lot more. Celebrating what is special in those around us should not be reserved for special occasions. Every day should be a special occasion. Sharing love, especially love in appreciation of those special qualities in each other should be a lot more common than I see it being. Sometimes I feel so constrained in trying to conform to societies’ limits on “gushing” when really I think society should conform to mine. So, despite that I still live in that fear of overdoing it – I know I can get away with a very generalized “believe me, I notice and appreciate every little good thing in each of you… And am so glad you are you.” Love…


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