The support of others helps build success

Sometimes people just need support, and guidance, and understanding. And you realize that people think of that as needy when you ask for it – but then the need is real, isn’t it? Do we not all have that need to be understood, to have our path reinforced as we proceed into uncharted territory, to be nurtured as we try to learn and grow. While it is true that for most people, much of growth happens in their youth, it is only those who become complacent who stop growing, so it is truly a lifetime process. Those who are fortunate have strong support systems. Those who are not, struggle through as best they can. But really should we not each nurture the other? The process of living a life – especially that of trying to live a life with purpose is not an easy process. How much better we each can do at that with the support of others. Seeking that support is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength, as we realize we are reaching to heights that stretch us and challenge us, and that the support we seek can help us find our way to build that path to success. 


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