I love you, too

A poster I found and shared this morning spoke of “I love you, too” being a rare and impactful thing to say. But as much as it may impact the person hearing it, it is exceptional to the person saying it, as it signifies a love shared – a love expressed that is felt as much by the recipient. This to me has been the dream of a lifetime, to be someone who could reciprocate love to someone who loved me as I love them, who could find joy in me as I do them, who could miss me as I miss them, cherish me as I cherish them. Such is certainly the most joyous gift that life offers, the sharing of the warming and nurturing of a relationship built upon mutual love.
   In my life I have watched many others share such relationship, and witnessed those loved by so many that it would appear to be something they took for granted. But I can never imagine taking such a precious gift for granted. If I could trade all of the material gifts I have ever been given for a single relationship allowing me to utter “I love you too” with tears in my eyes at the privilege, I would do so. Please cherish those you love who love you too. Please cherish those who love you.


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