We need to dig in our heels and hold on

Just as I prepare to spend yet another week alone (with a cat), I am reading all these quotes about letting go. I think letting go is overrated. Perhaps instead we should be focusing on holding on. Perhaps instead of enshrining the concept of letting go, we should all just collectively be digging our heels in and refusing to budge.

Life is like a game of tug of war, only we don’t seem to understand that we should all be on the same side.  My husband enjoys shows on television about survival and about strength and endurance. I have heard several comments from the participants on these shows about how sharing the difficulties and hardships they are put through has forged a bond between them that they believe will last for a lifetime.

But life is a game of hardships and endurance. Just as did those contestants, we should all be realizing that we survive better by forming relationships supporting each other – relationships built upon trust, mutual respect, and empathy. Relationships which serve to bolster each other, and lift each ourselves and the other to heights greater than those we are capable of alone.

Just as a survival television show, just as life itself, anything worth having requires effort. Relationships require effort. They require mental prowess, physical exertion, and sometimes just dogged determination. If we all just walked away from anything difficult – very little of worth in this world would be accomplished. Yet on the converse, with a little more effort, persistence and determination – just think what we can collectively do!


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