Skip “forgiveness”

This morning a friend posted a meme which said (in part) “forgive often, and love with all your heart”. It was one I had seen before, and moreover a topic I have seen covered often. Talk of forgiveness is something I’ve always been perplexed by, but more so even in context of love.

I suppose I have been blessed with little understanding of anger or hostility. I have always seen anger (as opposed to a momentary frustration of why’d you do that) as a component of hatred – the antithesis of love. I would think with love comes a desire for understanding instead of the condemnation that to me seems to be the foundation for anger.

As a spiritual being – whether you believe in God, or not, our existence is one of love. Love is not just what we should aspire to, love is what we are. As a being of love, hostility should be a foreign concept. How can I be angry at you if I love you? I can, in fact be confused and even hurt by something you have done, but with love comes the responsibility for me to make a sincere effort to put that action into context – as an action apart from the true loving nature that you also are. Each of us is human, each capable of acts that are wayward from our true spirit, spawned by ego and our own hurts and struggles. But those actions, in and of themselves, are a call for love from those who truly love us. So to me, if you love someone, skip the need for “forgiveness” entirely, and just look for understanding, compassion, and further opportunities to express your love.


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