Through all of my life, what I have ever wanted most was to share love. To truly share it, to be able to love and see that love enjoyed, and perhaps have the incredible blessing of feeling loved. Not castles, nor fast cars, sparkling gems, or any amount of money could ever replace those feelings. Love is what I cherish most, there is nothing this world holds with more value. I have no understanding of how anyone could not cherish it, nor how they could wish for anything else more.    For me, everything I do in my life has wanted to support and facilitate love in some form. Travel offers that opportunity to see and appreciate – to love – the world we are fortunate enough to live in. To me, any foray into public (which, as an autistic always comes with some trepidation) is an opportunity to enjoy each behavior in those people I interact with that speaks of love and kindness. I have always loved watching even the smallest interactions of love. In each, I see hope for a world that seemingly often forgets to value that which I see as most divine… And not just divine, but integral to the very essence of our existence. How can we not value love? Without it, we would not be. With more of it, we are, individually and collectively, truly more. To me, how much love we possess within us, as individuals, as a society, and as a world, is the only true measure of success. And the manifestation of that love collectively is the only thing that will save us.


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