Branden James & James Clark have a campaign going now, #YouBelong. And it got me wondering “Where do I belong?” “What exactly do I belong to?” “Who do I belong to?” Is there anyone who would claim me from a shelter if there was such a thing for people? Or would I sit, as I figuratively have for many years, in a corner of a cage, wondering why nobody chose me.

Sometimes I wish, as for dogs, that people would post pictures of people sitting in a corner lonely, and caption them with all the wonderful qualities they have. No matter if they’re a bit broken, look at the love they have to give… And then someone would realize that there was something more than what they see on the surface.  Perhaps they could be willing to put in the effort that they do for a dog or a cat to bring out the love that is there to be found in a sad and lonely person. There are so many people sitting in those corners, feeling broken, and wishing only to be loved.

There is little worse than having a heart that wants to love, and nowhere for that love to go, nobody to share it with… Just as the dogs and cats, you can’t just give them a pat on the head and then walk away. Each of us needs somewhere where we truly belong. Belonging is important, and everyone needs it. Feeling accepted, loved, understood.  We each sit, with that hope, that we do belong… somewhere.


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