Enjoying each other’s humanity

I think people need to acknowledge their humanity. There are goals and ideals that are presented by many self-help sources that suggest that we should conquer our fears and worries, that we should be selfless, that we should not be affected by the opinions of others, that we cannot love others unless we fully love ourselves, that merely questioning the action of another makes us judgmental, etc. etc. etc…. But as much as I’ve spent 61 years loving and admiring people, enjoying the heck out of the qualities of so many people, being dazzled by some, and pretty much universally loving all – I have yet to meet that person who fully embodies those “ideals”. Nor am I certain I want to. While I try to be the best person I can be, and while I fully appreciate those efforts in others, it is yet the eccentricities and quirks of each person I meet that gives life color. There is no perfection in humanity – and the lack of that perfection is not a weakness, it is a charm. A good and loving heart, a willing soul, will lead a good life. Not a perfect life, but a good one. We, as good and loving souls need first and foremost to appreciate those qualities in each other, and not focus on the insignificant blemishes in character that we can find in any, if that is our focus. By bolstering each other, building each other up, we increase the abilities of each to share love and encouragement ever more widely, instead of relegating people to focusing efforts toward achieving goals that many if not most will never achieve. So again, let us accept and celebrate our humanity and allow each person be who they are, in their own individual glory.


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