All which glitters is love…

One of my favorite people, Papi Julio Varela, wrote that “love is the only source of happiness that will last”. And that is true, but more and more I have realized that not only is love the only source of happiness that will last, but that love IS happiness, happiness is love. Happiness is a side effect of love, appreciation, gratitude, satisfaction – everything that at its core is in fact love. I am realizing that truth more and more with time. To be happy, we simply must free ourselves from all of those forces, internal and external, that seek to suppress love. Being human, however, this is not something we can do just once – as taking a shower does not keep us clean forever. It is an ongoing effort to suppress within and around ourselves that which itself would seek to suppress love. Thankfully, in life, there are occasionally experiences and people who can help us to accomplish that. For me, I was fortunate to find people, a few people, then a family, and then those around that family, an ever growing group of people. People who have – not actually awakened the love within me, for that love was certainly always there, but heightened my awareness of it. And by doing so, given me the strength and reasons to fight off and suppress those things which for so many years had relegated that love, along with my psyche, to a shell in a hole in a tunnel…
Papi has also said that happiness is not something that we can hold onto constantly, but that appears in moments of bliss. Certainly those are the moments when we have managed to overcome for a time those forces which had kept love entrapped – those moments when love has risen to the surface, and when we become aware that it is what matters most. When the love of that person, experience, or moment becomes more significant to us than any force which would drag love down, and remove it from our center of awareness. Our effort then, is to realize that all which glitters is love, and that all that is in opposition of love is what we must strive to remove from ourselves and our lives.


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