The “planet-saving” Role We Each Must Find

There was a tweet this afternoon for TED talks, on a totally unrelated topic to this one, but its lead-in works… “What would you do if you were told your job is to save the planet?” But it is. That really is the job that all of us must assume. We may play very different parts in that effort. Some will be more visible, and in some eyes of greater importance, but who is to say that any simple act of love will not lead to the one(s) that ultimately make(s) all the difference.

The heart of any one individual can be changed at any moment. The miracle of love is the only hope that the world can build its dreams upon. Even if a personal dream may seem waylaid, the dreams of the cosmos must live in the hearts of each of us. As we find within ourselves that which carries the most significance, our search should only serve to draw us closer to others, to find within ourselves that place within which lies the concerns of another heart.

We will never find true happiness within our own concerns. It is only by embracing the hearts, lives, and goals of those around us that our own hearts will be opened. The opportunity to share the joys, and even the sorrows of others is what might stretch our hearts to the fullest extent of our soul’s abilities. And with that opportunity, to extend that love to others, to as many others as our personal circumstances may allow, by that act serving our own unique role in the healing of the planet.


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