Living in the now

It should be obvious upon slight reflection, that living in the current moment will yield the best quality of life. The past offers perhaps sweet memories, and likely lessons won with difficulty. But the time taken for reflection of the past should be like looking in our rear view mirror as we drive, a momentary glance to give us our bearings. Similarly, looks to the future ought to be much like those glances to several cars ahead on the freeway, the looks that familiarize us with what is ahead and give us the opportunity to position ourselves to best find our way. But the current moment, our immediate surroundings, the environment we find ourselves in at this point in time, is where the bulk of our attentions should be.  

If the goal of life is arguably to be happy, the now certainly finds that goal more easily at some moments than in others. Certainly when surrounded by people or things we love, or when engaged in pleasant activities, finding happiness in the now should be a ready endeavor. But what about when circumstances are less than ideal? What about when we are faced with difficulty, pain, or sadness? Living in the now may not seem so ideal in those times.

However, this moment is what we have to work with. Every moment of life may not allow happiness, but it is in those moments that we must see that we are building for the future moments that will. Despite that now is the moment we must deal with, we should always realize that each of those moments leads to the next. Each builds toward something new. Each endeavor, each change, no matter how hard-fought it might be, is a building block. And at some level we need to find our satisfaction for this moment in the understanding of the destination it leads toward.


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