No Regrets, No Discouragement, Only Focus…

As each year ends, we no doubt find ourself with regrets. “I intended to do this…” or “I wish I’d done that…” but instead of allowing ourselves to become encumbered by the things in the past that did not go our way, or that we feel we did not do right – and instead of setting ourselves up again for those feelings next year, we need to look forward with a different focus. Goals are necessary and admirable. Where we set ourselves up is by putting a timeline on those goals, by giving ourselves expectations of what we “must” do to accomplish them. It tends, not only to be discouraging, but to potentially thwart our progress as we get frustrated with what we should have accomplished instead of rejoicing over where we are. My resolution for the future, this new year and beyond, is to know what I want, and in each moment try to keep that focus and honor it in all my actions to the best of my ability. And if that moment yields no progress, so be it, but I will focus again in the next. No regrets, no discouragement. Just a continued awareness of the things that matter to me. Beating myself up about what I have not done has been the least productive thing I have done. So ending that is my only firm resolution. Beyond that one, I believe I will find my goals and dreams more readily. Love and best wishes to everyone in pursuing all your hopes and dreams.


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