Just Gratitude…

When a heart that is fundamentally loving and joyful has been smothered in pain for most of a lifetime, and then is suddenly freed (in the scope of 62 years, 3 years is sudden), it is hard not to just gush happiness and love. When that heart belongs to someone who is fundamentally “intense”, then I suppose that gusher is even more so. But what a happy thing it is to be happy, after having not quite known how to get there for most of a lifetime. It is so hard not to just jump up and down and celebrate and hug everyone – especially those who helped release that hurting heart from all the weight it once carried. To all of those people, I am so grateful. To the God who I believe put them in my life, I am so grateful. Forgive me, if my love is large, and my happiness spills out all over. I am just so happy to be happy, and I so love being able to love each of you. And I feel as though I could never express enough how much that means to me.


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