The Foundation That Is Trust

This world, and the lives of each of us in it, will rise or fall on love. And the cornerstone for that success is built on trust and communication. Wars are fought on lack of trust. Marriages and friendships are lost on lack of trust. But trust cannot stand in the absence of communication. Very few people are mind readers. So many things that each of us say or do are so open to interpretation. Even within the most simple of relationships – the play of children – learning to interact with each other builds success in that play. So why does it seem such, that as adults we are so willing to shut each other out, and live within the confines of our own minds, making judgements and decisions without benefit of communications or a loving trust in one another? Lack of trust only breeds lack of trust, and causes hurt and ill-will. Trust, however, built upon open communication, breeds trust, and builds strong foundations for love and friendship, and enhances everyone involved.


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