From a Norwegian fjord to you… His paintbrush works

Returning from what was – in my recollection – the longest break from everyday life I have ever been privileged to take, and to a destination arguably as far from my “everyday” as possible; I find myself with a unique (for me, at least) perspective on life. While the fjords of Norway can only be described as magnificent, I realize that there is magnificence to be found all around us, in our everyday environment, in each of you – or actually, in each of US (including myself). While God’s paintbrush may seem to have taken extra care as He painted the deep waters, high peaks, lichen and ice covered valleys of the Norwegian fjords, in actuality He used that same care in painting you, in painting me, in painting the trees on the street where I live in that “everyday”, in my cat, in the bird that flies across His sky, in every aspect of our worlds. His hand is there – with the same love and care. So in that, we need to see and appreciate His love just as deeply in each of those things – perhaps most especially in each other. A piece of that same magnificence is there…


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